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 Breathe Life into your relationship!


Many who have experienced our work tell us, “If I knew this was possible, I would have done this course years ago!”


IMAG0933 - Version 5The Conscious Connecting work focuses on connecting with your partner – now. Our unique approach will have you open your heart first to resolve any conflicts and reach new levels of closeness and trust. Learn to use your connection and open heart to fully communicate — beyond words — so you feel appreciated and heard. From that place you can more easily resolve any issues and consciously create your life together. It’s the power of being here, now, and connected. It is experiential, and once you experience it, you will always be able to connect to it again. This approach works because it’s about where you locate yourself and come from in relationship, rather than testing the waters “over there” before attempting to resolve issues or be close.


“The mind should be trained to be a servant of the heart.
Logic should serve love.
And then life can become a festival of lights.”



In private sessions, you and your partner will experience connecting now. From a space of open-hearted love you will be able to resolve any issue and create a new future regardless of what you currently think is possible.

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Private Intensive Conscious Connecting Retreat

Private intensives cover the same curriculum as group sessions (see our group sessions here), but are personalized for you and your relationship. All sessions are available to singles, couples or buddies who want to reliably and consciously connect in relationship. This three-day, two-night private relationship reset includes a two-night stay in our guest house and a follow-up session.


Private Conscious Connecting Session

In private sessions you and your partner will connect, open your hearts to each other, and truly reset your relationship into love and respect. These sessions are designed as either precursor to or follow-up from the weekend programs or the private intensives, and will last between three to three-and-a-half hours. 


Semi-Private Conscious Connecting Group Workshop

This workshop is created expressly for your private group and is structured much like our public weekend programs (see our group sessions here). Invite a group of your friends to our location in North Phoenix, or bring Conscious Connecting to your home or office. We’ll schedule this two-and-a-half day program at our location or yours, and on dates that work for your group. 

$7,495 + travel costs, if relevant (can be shared by participants or paid by company)


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