Getting Married?  Renewing your commitment?  


Much more than “I do”…

Our wedding services include more than showing up and pronouncing you a committed couple in front of your community. Flora will meet with you and your partner on twice prior to the ceremony (once by phone and one in person) to craft the sacred vows you will promise to each other publicly. This helps create the background context for your marriage and gives a strong, clear foundation for your years building trust, love and joy together.

Your ceremony will reflect the heart-felt vision you have consciously created for your union and life together.

Flora Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies

We also create a supportive community “listening” for your future and the promises that you exchange publicly. We remind your guests that they are important to you and that you’ve requested they be present at your ceremony to support what you are creating. We ask on your behalf that they listen to you both as the promises you are making to each other, rather than your own opinions or even their opinions about your relationship. In other words, we simply ask them to remind either or both of you of what you promised, and to support you in returning to those promises when you forget…

Ceremony Fees

For weddings:  $500 fee for the foundation work and ceremony.  For remote locations outside the greater Phoenix area, airfare, one night’s lodging and $850 charged.  Foundational prep and vows without attendance and officiating at ceremony:  $350.


It is our honor to officiate at any ceremony where people are actively creating the relationships and lives of their dreams, including Celebrations of Life, Memorials, Christenings, Dedications, Covenant Marriages, and Committed Partnership ceremonies. Rates dependent upon services and time.

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