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About Transcendent Healing Sessions:

“I want to thank you for the breath work during my session…as well as the session itself…I feel I achieved a new level of healing and awareness…  I didn’t realize how much the breath work helped me… until I had my voice lesson today… Thank you…  Have a blessed evening (bowing emoji).”

– Aaren, Reno NV

“Almost immediately after our session, I’m back full swing at work. A client called me with enough work for the next several months. As I love my work, I’m fully in my possibility of  ‘Living in the flow and glow of love!’ I feel totally alive and generating.”

– Lorian, Payson AZ

“Flora! I just wanted to let you know that today’s session was the best session I’ve ever had in my life! It really shifted the energy in so many different ways, and it’s easier to hold my ground now.”

– ASU College Professor, after water breath session

“Flora provides a safe and comfortable space to heal. To let go of the pain, resentment, anger, and fear and allow the love and peace in. She expresses her unconditional love allowing you to be completely transparent, and really love and accept yourself.  Since working with Flora, I have found the love of my life, and reunited with my birth mother. She guided me to the self-love and clarity I needed to manifest these beautiful relationships in my life, and also did sessions with my new love to help us connect deeper and clear any negative energy from the “baggage” of our past. I plan on having her marry us! She is worth a million.”

– Becky, Yuma AZ (Individual and Couple‘s TH sessions)

“I can’t believe how long and deeply I slept after the session.”

 Tera, Account Executive and Coach, Phoenix AZ 

“I wanted to let you know when I said, ‘You’re good’ … I meant it.  If ever a time to be completely in my head it was that night after being assaulted by a psychotic tenant. The last place I wanted to be was exactly where I was.  I had things in my head… details that need to be written down before memory faded… It didn’t take long to feel comfortable safe and out of my head… it usually takes a bit more time to develop the level of trust I feel with you.”

– Mike, Real Estate investor, Tempe AZ  

 “Flora, I am so grateful for my session with you yesterday.  I can’t believe how much better I feel today.  It’s amazing!  Really cleared out a lot of stuff.  I feel so appreciative and my personal trainer could tell, too:  he asked me what I did yesterday. He said he could see the difference in my performance this morning:  my strength and energy were up and whatever we cleared from my knees was amazing cause they weren’t hurting during my workout!”

– Ellen, 61 year old RN, Mesa AZ

“I always feel loved and cherished in my sessions with Flora and know that there will always be amazing release and peace after every session.”

– Susan, retired, Ojai CA

“I am so glad I completed the recommended 12 sessions!  I knew I was ready for a huge shift in my relationships and my life and this was the perfect support process.  Each session was a wonderful chapter to me rewriting the book of my life – the first session and the 12th felt like “book ends” marking my journey of transformation.  I was already on the path before session #1, but this process was the final push/support to follow through to the “other side” and stay there consistently. I created a new “set point” of how open and at peace I feel I am. I also increased my standard of living in the areas of finance, family and relationships – relationship with my body and with others and significant other. I recommend this process.”  

– Assistant Professor at A.S.U., Tempe AZ

 “Man, since I started this part of my walk there have been some big strides, Kelli and I continue to get closer… I actually saw her light for the first time a few days ago (after eight years of marriage).  I shared it with her and we both had lots of joyful tears.  You helped make this movement happen, Flora, and I am so grateful to you and your purpose.  See you soon!”

– Tim, 42, Contractor, North Phoenix AZ

I was told these guys are world class and they are. Today is the first time I have really laughed in seven weeks!”

– Nate, 35, Investor, after first session

“I love you, Flora! You are such an angel. I have to give my testimonial on how amazing the sessions I had with you were! Life is good! And keeps getting better. Thanks for helping me get freed up! You are magnificent.”

– Becky, 31 year old Pet sitting business owner, Mesa AZ


“The work Flora did with me in my healing breath session was amazing! She provided a safe and loving space for me to open my heart and find those areas where I was holding emotional wounds. It was in the safety of her presence and her expertise in the area of this process that granted me the courage to go where I was reluctant to go alone. This process allowed me to release the hurts from my past and move to an empowered place within myself that gave me access and freedom to once again let my spirit soar and create a future with my heart restored.  Thank you, Flora, for all your love and support.”

– Leah, Business/Executive Coach, Glendale AZ


“I always feel loved by Flora. Safe to risk and grow.”

– Mary, retired, Anthem AZ

“Unlike regular psychological counseling, which can sometimes become a “crutch,” Flora’s process leaves you prepared to face life from a deeper place with more power and ease.  I know I can go to her any time I choose, and I felt really complete and grateful for how I was responding to life consistently after only 12 sessions.”  

– Business man, Mesa AZ


“Wanted to thank you for your time with my girlfriend — she/we are both grateful and in a good place as we look forward to next weekend. As you know she is extremely precious to me and when I’m told she is going to have a session with you… it feels good. No small thing for me.”

– Mike, May, 2013

 “Wow, thanks… I have to tell you, I have done some work in the past and did a lot of counseling through my divorce… and a big difference I notice, which is what makes your work so real and so now, is you are absolutely invested and present… which comes from your energy, not anything you say. I promise you, if I didn’t feel that, I would not have come back for a second session. Just knowing you and that there are people like you gives me hope, and tremendous joy – God… tearing up, here I go again… it’s good to be happy!”

– Tim S., Business Owner, Phoenix AZ

I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and look forward to the next one.  Thanks so much for your love and kindness.

– Ellyn, RN and faculty member

“My individual breath sessions with Flora were awesome! This was something new to me so I did not know what to expect going into to it. Prior to arriving at my appointment with Flora, I felt some apprehension in having this one-on-one session with Flora, whom I had not yet met. However, when I arrived Flora was very comforting and welcoming. Flora has a wonderful spirit and energy and her passion to truly be present really opened me up. My experience was phenomenal!”

– Damian J., Private Investigator, Anthem AZ

 “The breath session Flora did with me and my husband was amazing! We’ve never experienced anything like that. We’ve grown so much closer in the process and since then, even after 17 years of marriage (…) We’ve always had great communication between us but it took us to a whole other level that we didn’t even know was possible. We have even more trust, respect and love for ourselves and each other.”

– Nia, Realtor and Student of Ayurvedic Medicine, Phoenix AZ


“There are realms of our existence that are not directly accessible to us through the usual channels of consciousness; and yet important aspects of our day-to-day lives originate in those realms and powerfully impact our lives. At each of many sessions, Flora has been a highly skilled and loving companion guiding me in the exploration of those realms, and in the discovery and resolution of the most amazing happenings I have encountered there. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that Flora has created and made available to me to explore my existence from those perspectives.”

– Jorge, Engineer of the Business Enterprise, Tucson AZ

“I am thankful for the tools you’ve provided. Deep breaths cleansed my thoughts, and cleared me to be present and balanced for my family (during and after the unexpected funeral).  Thank you.”

– Female lawyer, Chandler AZ  

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About Life and Business Coaching:

“Flora is the most amazing coach I’ve ever encountered. While I wish she was still leading the larger seminars, I’m glad she is leading the couples courses. The world still gets benefit from her beautiful talent!”

– Chris C., Boston MA

“Really powerful coaching!  So much better than all the money and time spent with my ex in marriage counseling.  A few hours, a few “aha” moments, and I am back on track with the woman I am now very happily dating.”

– Jim, Phoenix AZ

 “Lots of ‘life coaches’ out there are glorified massage therapists with strong opinions. These guys were different, they have experience, they are professional, they are good!  I got a couple of great ‘aha’ insights while working with them that were well worth the time and money.”

– Mary, Phoenix AZ

 “Multiple times I have experienced the power of Flora’s listening which creates openings for effective coaching. Inside of the listening, new realms of possibility are created leading to new ways of being and acting.  Bottom line, opportunities are created to elevate performance in all aspects of life.” 

– Rick, executive for a software company, Mesa AZ

“Since my session, I’m still working daily to meditate, live with purpose, stay on track and of course, enjoy LIFE!!! I wanted to thank you again for helping me start a new chapter.”

– Lara, Hickam Air Force Base, HI

 “What was so amazing about the call was the experience of LOVE that was present.  It was actually more moving and overwhelming for me than the actual thing/issue I was sharing about, which was in my view, the purpose of the actual conversation — to experience how the presence of love absolves all things. I am still am weaving in and out of that presence of  love and I am having all these thoughts, feelings and emotions surface and leave, as if I were looking through a photo album experientially. Thank you and I love you.”

– Female energy worker, Phoenix AZ

“My joy is back! My happy is back! My heart is back! All were blocked, because I was afraid to feel the fear that had unbeknownst to me, lodged itself in my body as an innocent protection. Thinking about being frightened can do that. Finding the fear, allowing it, feeling frightened, breathing it in, opening to it, releasing it, exhaling it out, giving my manure to Earth Mama who loves it!  Wow, Wow, Wow. With Flora’s coaching, we can eliminate, annihilate, transform and transmute any stuck energy. Feeling that thing I don’t want to feel, fearing to feel it, can be very challenging. Flora’s coaching creates a loving, compassionate and safe space for me to feel my feelings. Her partnership with me, creates an internal sense of safety, so that together, we are “on belay,” climbing the mountain of fear and pain that I know I need to climb. When I don’t know how to get from where I find myself to where I want to be, Flora provides the road map, she is the GPS to my true home, guiding the way through the frightening forest, to reveal the summit of my heart, filled with eternal joy, and the return of blessed happiness.”

– Jolie, professional artist and nanny, Phoenix AZ

 “Flora, I can deeply feel your commitment to supporting others in knowing who we truly are, as that is exactly what I always experience from you. Thank you, from my heart to yours for all that you shared with me.”

– Honey, teacher, Phoenix AZ

“Thank you so much for moving me so far along, in such a short time. You are very generous, and very skilled, and I’m grateful. My heart is feeling better.”

– Female Physician, Phoenix AZ

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About Conscious Connecting Courses and Private Sessions:

“My dear Flora, yesterday was life changing for me, for Steve and for the trajectory of our relationship… Your frank, authentic, skillful and intuitive expression imprinted us with new energy, new feelings and a sacred perspective to our connection… Thank you for being so open with us!!!”

Jane, Private Conscious Connecting Session, Tucson AZ,  July 2014

 I could feel Flora’s and Victor’s hearts, even when I was struggling to find my own. This experience has been a wonderful release, and I truly feel empowered, even excited, to attract and consciously connect with a loving mate!”

– Single woman, Phoenix AZ, May 2014

“This brought my heart back to me, and gave me a pathway to bring love to both my home and work.”

– Man married 21 years, Seattle WA

 “Flora and Victor are an amazing couple and they exemplify love, acceptance and god’s light in everything they touch.”

 – Nancy, Fountain Hills AZ

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… I walked into the workshop with my wife not knowing if we would walk out together or apart.  It was an eye-opening experience that benefited both of us beyond belief and even strengthened our relationships with our kids, too… Thank you Flora and Victor for your passion, attention, and willingness to share your gift for helping people like us… Thank you again!!!”

– Greg, Cave Creek AZ

 “We honor and appreciate the authenticity and ground-breaking work offered by Flora and Victor. An essential practice for all those on a spiritual path.”

– Stacy, May 2013

“Flora, thank you for a wonderful weekend that has filled us with hope and a plan for our relationship. What a joy!! Truly inspired weekend. Please extend our love and gratitude to Victor for an inspiring time.”

– Lesbian couple from Florida, September 2013 course

 “Loved the personal touch from Flora and Victor to help in the toughest moments as we worked through our very tough, most sensitive issues. Gave us a very private time which was more valuable and helpful than words can describe.”

– Male married over 30 years, Jan 2013 weekend relationship retreat

 “This was a deep, powerful weekend. The experience and benefits I received go beyond words. Thank you for a beautiful contribution.”

– Karen, February 2014

 “Thank you for being the space that allowed me to remember who I am and to experience my love again.”

            – Tilly, May 2013

 “The couples session I had with my wife was truly amazing. I felt very relaxed and tuned in having my wife present. We experienced each other’s depth and passion being in that present moment with each other. That experience has truly opened us up to live a more fulfilled life.

– Damian, Private Investigator, Anthem AZ

 “Amazing, lovely and such a safe place to be myself – cry, laugh, scream, whatever in the moment I felt moved to do. I love Flora and Victor and bless them. I’m extremely grateful for all that I received — the love I received and more! Thank you.”

            – Jill H, May 2013

“The concepts were amazingly easy to use and incorporate into my life. Wow – living in my past/head is a dangerous neighborhood! This course is an amazing reset.”

– Married Woman, from Prescott, AZ, February 2014

“Flora and Victor are fabulous at getting to the heart of where you need to be to find your center. I have attended toning circles as well as a weekend workshop “Conscious Couples,” (yes, as a single person).  It was wonderful and enlightening. I left the workshop with a clear vision on where I want to be in life and what I want to attract in all relationships (not just intimate).  I would give them 6 stars if there was a rating!”

– Jamie, Cave Creek AZ

 My heart had been closed to men. Through this workshop my heart has opened. I feel free and new.”

            – PJ, May 2013

 “Wow! Anyone out there interested in having the most spectacular relationships in the world!!! ??? Then this is the seminar for you. I received so much more than I could express! I walked in, recently out of a relationship, and now realize ‘to the core of my being’ I was the one causing my suffering and pain, in and out of the relationship. It gave me the ‘keys to the kingdom’ with regards to relationships; PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE! Definitely something one must experience. I am a Lesbian and I look forward to a most delicious and wonderful personal relationship to come. I say if you’re in a marriage, longtime relationship/partnership and you’re both thinking it is over yet you know there is still love worth saving…. Call!!! It will rock your world, life, self! Best investment I have ever made in myself! Thank you Flora and Victor for your passion to make a difference. You have touched my life and it will never be what it was and most important, it will be as I have always dreamed!!! I couldn’t pay you enough for this gift!”

– Stephanie, Phoenix AZ

“My husband and I both feel so ‘complete’ now in our relationship. We love where we are and we want to take some time to play and integrate all that we have learned from you. We talked about how difficult it is to articulate our appreciation and ‘wonder’ at the gift you are to our relationship. Truly we are different in oh so many ways since three months ago when we started working with you . . . yet in my soul we are who I have always known that we are!  

Thank you for bringing that out in us!”

– Couple married 18 years, private Conscious Connecting sessions, Tucson AZ

 “It was truly amazing. I feel like I got myself free and my relationship with my husband back.”

           – E.M., May 2013


“It was most definitely a great course. I have a profound new relationship with myself and my GOD within. Not being in a relationship and being completely at peace with it. Thank you Flora and Victor for your unconditional love and support for all of us. I will read and keep my vows for the rest of my life for sure. I love you two and because of you, LOVE and RELATIONSHIP have a new meaning for HUMANITY.

– Noushin, Scottsdale AZ

 “A wonderful time getting to know myself and my partner better! Victor and Flora were so open and nurturing and supportive as they guided us to a deeper knowledge of ourselves.”

            – Michael, May 2013

“I really enjoyed the toning and connecting to my center. I have never experienced that before, which helped me open my heart and let my walls down and reconnect with the love of my life. There was not one thing I did not benefit from. I gained so much from this weekend and I will use every tool I got everyday and definitely refer this course to anyone and everyone. I got nothing to help you improve (honestly) sorry.”

– 25 year old male, January 2013 

 “In one weekend, I have gained a clarity and access to moving past what has ended my previous relationships. This course has provided me with a solid foundation to create a powerfully creative partnership.”

– Single Man, February 2014

“Conscious Couples was transforming for me. After coming from an  long addictive marriage, I was unsure of how to relate to a new partner and how to get in touch with my true feelings. Flora and Victor gave me the freedom and space to do just that and encouraged me to embrace them.”

– Mike, Gilbert AZ

“Since the course, I’ve been opening up to let the “stay-or-go” conversation happen without thinking I need to give any listening to it. I’ve been breathing deeply and getting present to my commitment. These are all quite huge things and have brought much peace to me.”

– Realtor, September 2013, Phoenix AZ

“Flora and Victor: This course has impacted my life in ways I have no words for. The material and the two of you have reached the very core of my being, bringing about changes as an alchemist changing a lump of coal into a diamond.”

– Diane,  February 2013,  Phoenix AZ

 “You held our relationship with more care than we ever have ourselves!”

– Married man, March 2012, Denver, CO

 “There is so much power in the energetic connection and the points about truly connecting before we ‘talk’.”

– Single woman with masters in counseling and psychology, Jan 2013 

“My weekend in the Conscious Couples group allowed me the opportunity to open my heart and reconnect with my husband.  Victor and Flora create an environment that is safe, loving and emotionally healing. The tools they shared and the exercises they used have helped me to stay focused on my commitment to our relationship.”

– Vickie,  Mesa AZ

“After reconciling with my ex-husband we were committed to having our relationship go not only well, but have both of us connected to each other and the relationship. We did the weekend course with Creative Life Solutions and gained access to relationship tools that do not exist with other course work we have done. This course views the relationship as a third entity that needs care and attention differently than we do as individuals. We both gained insights and tools about ourselves and each, that will assist in the success of our relationship forever. We created vows which are essentially our commitments to ourselves inside the relationship that we live from and create newly every day. Flora and Victor are masterful at holding every relationship in the course with love and care. They have a deep understanding and tenderness for each other and for the lives they impact. Being with them was fun and lighthearted. Thank you Flora and Victor for providing what you know, what you have learned, and sharing that with us and the world! Keep up the great work!”

– Ashla K., Realtor, May 2012 

 I didn’t know this was possible! The forgiveness work before speaking the new promises was very powerful. No comments about what was missing. Everything worked!”

– Single female with decades of intensive transformation experience, January 2013

 “Loved it all – clean, simple, brilliant!”

– RK, May 2012, Phoenix, AZ

  “I wanted to say thank you again. Katie mentioned yesterday how she’s been feeling so much better since the Couple’s Class.”

– G.G., Mortgage Specialist, March 2011 

“I loved it – every section was powerful and authentic”

– Couple married 10 years,  May 2012, Scottsdale AZ

 “My husband was really impacted in your course. It has seemed to affect him in all his life! We are utilizing the tools you gave to us as often as possible and they work!!!

– Fonda R., January 2010 

“Thank you Flora! I love it. Thank you for an amazing weekend too. I feel excited and ready to move forward with it all. I was even dancing and singing as I was getting ready this morning… shaking it up! Haha. You’re an angel…”

– Becky W., April 2010 , Yuma, AZ

Flora…what a great weekend. Things are truly renewed between us. I really feel new things are now possible. I will be sure to let you know what opens up. Rob is already having some business opening and flow.”

– Dental Office Manager, October 2009

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I wanted to be able to connect more or deeper with people.  I got to experience and experiment with locating myself in my heart instead of my head.  It’s hard to put in words what it did for me, but I’d say that I am gentler and softer now.  The level that I “see” people and my curiosity and caring for them has increased a lot.  I guess that translates to – I am connecting more deeply with people now.  I can’t wait to see how it plays out in all of my relationships.”

– Single Man, February 2014

“I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to take Victor and Flora’s Conscious Couples course. My husband and I have been together for ten years and were recently separated. We now have a clean slate to create from. We were given the tools to get complete about “stuff” that had happened in the past, that created separateness. I am returned to the love and magnificence of my husband and I’m excited to bring this home to our kids!”

– Tarley R., Tempe AZ

“Flora and Victor’s relationship course helped me get clear on my commitment to my wife and family. I realize that by making a conscious choice to put my relationship with my wife as a foundation to my clarity out in the world, it has opened up all of these new opportunities. And situations I thought were “bad” are now opportunities for my wife and I to grow our relationship and become more connected as One.”

– Robert, Social Media Consultant, Tempe AZ

“I liked all of it. Everything you taught me was useful in all of my relationships in life, including with my wife. Everything this weekend was valued. Thank you!”

– Cory R., Phx, January 2010

“My weekend in the Conscious Couples group allowed me the opportunity to open my heart and reconnect with my husband. Victor and Flora create an environment that is safe, loving and emotionally healing. The tools they shared and the exercises they used have helped me to stay focused on my commitment to our relationship.”

– Vickie S, March 2011, Mesa AZ

“Victor and Flora I feel like I know you both more than almost any other human being I have ever met. You brought me into your home and, more importantly, into your hearts, in a way that I have never experienced. I truly do not know what to say. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough so I’ll just say I love you both. Since this was my first time experiencing this kind of process, it has been transformative. It will take a while for me to process all of what I have absorbed, but I will be putting into effect my vows on a daily basis. As you know Nancy and I are in for a roller coaster ride, and I am going to try to hang on. In my heart, I know it is worth it. I thank you both for your guidance and patience. I only hope that we can achieve the balance that you two have achieved. Love you always.”

– Mike S., September 2011 

“The course is blessing my life in unexpected ways – like finding a new profession/vocation. Who would have thought?

– J. S., June 2011, Mesa AZ

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About Breath/Toning/Gong Groups:

I felt so at peace — in my body and my mind. More calm than in a long time.  I was able to release some sadness that I had been holding on to.”

– Naomi, pro tandem distributor, Cottonwood AZ

“I slept so much better that night!”

– Mary, Retired, Chandler AZ

“I felt the most incredible sense of connection and opening in my body, especially my throat and abdomen.”

– Lloyd, window repair tech, Phoenix AZ

“I love the toning circles! You move a lot of energy and when everyone is toning, you can hear the Angels singing with the group. Such a beautiful, harmonious experience.”

– Marisa, Phoenix AZ

 “I could feel it in my throat and heart and stomach.  Really cool!”

– Paul M., Architect, Pasadena CA

“I loved this experience!”

 – Dale S., Mortgage Specialist, Tempe AZ



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