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Transcendent Healing™: Breathe Life into Healing of Memories, Emotions and Even Bodily Sensations


Transcendent Healing™ is breathwork that clears away:
–  Toxins
–  Resentments
–  Regrets
–  Grief
–  Anxiety and emotional baggage
–  Stress

Our Transcendent Healing™ process is simple and profound. It combines conscious connected breathing with focused intention, active guided meditation, reframing of prior emotional experiences, and calming and clearing the Enteric Nervous System. These practices blend to activate the body’s cellular memory, allowing for the gentle and effective release of physical toxins and the opening of mental or emotional blocks.

Breathwork is the intentional alteration of the breathing pattern for healing and mind-expanding purposes. The breath has been used by yogis and spiritual leaders for thousands of years for healing and meditation. Conscious Connected Breathing is a fundamental part of the Transcendent Healing™  practice, and it also combines unconditional inclusion/love (non-duality), energy work, visualization, inner child work, gestalt, reframing, ontology, and Conscious Connecting practices to help integrate issues as they come up.

With the drawing of a deep breath, we are taking in prana, which is life force energy. By using the breath we can release memories and emotions. We can even release sensations that our body remembers from past physical and emotional trauma (including birth), and the negative beliefs that developed from them. It can be surprisingly impactful to “just” alter unconscious limiting breathing patterns and see immediate results show up in relational life.

Outcome:  We are connected to the Source of our power, calm in mind and body, responding to life with clarity and peace.

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Transcendent Healing Man Male Customer8Transcendent Healing™ Sessions

There are four parts to each two hour Transcendent Healing™ session, although the specifics of the session are highly customized for each participant:

– Releasing Negativity and Toxicity

– Integrating Peace as a Cellular Experience

– Visualization/Guided Meditation

– Connecting with Your Inner Wisdom and Heart’s Desires


Transcendent Healing™ Session Goals

A session can start with or without set goals. While each journey is different, we always aim to transcend or lighten any heavy physical or emotional experiences, connect you with your Inner Guide more clearly, and to heighten the following…

Awareness. Harness the power of your mind and intuition. Integrate your head and heart while clearing out toxins and rampant mind chatter.

Focus. Balance the power of committed focus for reaching your vision with an open spirit that will allow your dreams to unfold.

Relaxation. Release restlessness, anxiety, stress. Clear away tension in the moment and reprogram cellular memory for lasting inner peace.

Communication. Real communication requires the confidence to speak what is true for you. Learn to say what you mean by removing barriers.

Love. Soften rough edges and rigid belief systems. Bring love and lighthearted play to your relationships.

Forgiveness. Let go of any hurt, resentment or tension. Release old weight as you dissolve any corded attachments between you and others.

We recommend 12 sessions within six months to a year for those wishing to experience a profound and permanent elevation consciousness. Even just one session can result in deep lasting peace and miraculous experiences. People who experience multiple sessions start seeing things in their lives change, such as more self-confidence, more creativity and clarity, a sense of well-being, and a stronger connection with God or the Universe. Often the people around them are also feeling the effects, so relationships improve.




While not affiliated with any religion, this is an openly spiritual experience for those who are interested in and/or open to an experience of Oneness and Connection to God/Source Energy. For those who are not interested in exploring spiritual realms, a secular experience of meditation and breathwork is also powerful and impactful, with a resulting deep peace.


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“Flora provides a safe and comfortable space to heal. To let go of the pain, resentment, anger, and fear and allow the love and peace in. She expresses her unconditional love allowing you to be completely transparent, and really love and accept yourself. Since working with Flora, I have found the love of my life, and reunited with my birth mother. She guided me to the self-love and clarity I needed to manifest these beautiful relationships in my life, and also did sessions with us to help us connect deeper and clear any negative energy from the “baggage” of our past. I plan on having her marry us! She is worth a million.”

– Becky, Yuma AZ (Individual and Couple TH sessions)

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