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our mission is to support you in living from love

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All people, alive and free, clear and living love in all relationships – no matter what!

Flora Schule and her team provide workshops and private sessions for individuals, couples, families and groups, designed to transcend habitual limiting actions, beliefs and blocks. The mostly         non-verbal exercises and processes are designed to have you “consciously connect” with your breath, your inner essence, and the people around you in richer and deeper ways.

No matter how “stuck” you feel emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually, or if you are reeling during a life transition period, you will find a place of safety to feel, heal and blossom. If you are not currently in a place of pain, and find yourself curious or even hungry for an embodied experience of joy and love, and a relaxed sense of safety and peace, you are most welcome and will find clarity and even ascension assistance in these processes.

Breathe Life Now is an extension of Creative Life Solutions, Inc., a legal incorporation since 2003 of Flora’s passion for sharing practices which expand the experience of being in conscious relationship — with all of life, including the challenging circumstances and people around you, and your own sacred soul… Over the years, BLN has grown from private sessions, mediations and coaching support to include group intensives for couples and singles, relationship clearings and re-sets for life partners, parent-child or even siblings, and training for others wishing to facilitate similar services.  All these offerings are focused on creating a clear, heart-felt connection with self and with others, and our physical property provides a supportive peaceful retreat from the world.


Flora closeupFlora Maria Schule is known for being a caring space of love, clarity and power. She facilitates transformational breathing techniques and whole life relationship re-sets, having guided hundreds of people through this freeing, uplifting and peaceful experience.  Since 1999, Flora has been trained in the modalities of assertive mediation, conscious connected breath practices, gestalt reframing, BodyTalk, 12-step recovery, reiki, and transformational coaching, and in 2009 she began training and certifying others to facilitate their own and others’ healing sessions. Flora is also a published author contributor to the best-selling book “Succeeding Through Doubt, Fear and Crisis.”

Flora retired from the active practice of law in 2004, leaving a thriving legal practice in order to unify her training as a mediator, chaplain and connected breath facilitator. Having undergone major shifts in her own closest relationships and professional commitments in life, Flora is able to powerfully support and lovingly honor people through any of life’s transitions or disappointments, as well as with whatever comes up for them in their private sessions or relationship clearings.  She also pursued intensive advanced training and experience in verbal and non-verbal communication facilitation and lead many transformational seminar programs. As she became known for reliably providing clarity and peace for anyone in any challenging life circumstance, she was nick-named the “Warrior for Truth.” (To read more about Flora’s journey, click here.)

Flora is also an accredited minister; in this capacity she has facilitated weddings, commitment ceremonies, hands-on healing, and other celebrations of life.  Most importantly, she is happy and fulfilled in her life and is actively enjoying her life experience, no matter what people around her say or do, and no matter what circumstances or emotions arise throughout the day within her or around her.


“This is a power team!  They live and create what they preach, and they are open,  friendly, and they appear prosperous, and mostly they modeled getting past their relationship disagreements as if it was magic – watching them work a couple of things out in person was a wow… that’s who I want advising me.  I used to say never take financial advice from a guy who drives an old beat up car. Not everyone who lives it can successfully coach ‘it’ but these guys definitely can!”

– Brian, San Francisco

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**  Incorporated since 2003.  Proud  BBB member with A+ satisfaction rating.

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