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Conscious Connecting for Couples and Singles

Breathe Life into your relationships! Join us for this profound experience, privately or in a group setting, and with or without a partner. You will laugh, cry, relax and be inspired. Experience what it is to be deeply in love — with yourself, with your Source for peace, and with others.

Now is the time to create what fulfills heart, spirit, and soul! Escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and all the things that draw your attention away from your experience of being present, safe, and loved. You will learn how to more deeply connect and nurture your relationships. By the end of this course, you will create heart-felt vows; a reliable, gentle road map for your future with your current or future partner.

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Our Promise:  You will be madly, deeply in love by Sunday night!


Many that have gone through our weekend tell us, “If I knew this was possible I would have done this course years ago!




Relationship Prayer for Couples, Singles, Marriages and any Relationship

Our courses are designed to have you access what your heart is longing to experience in your relationships. This leaves you empowered and free, clear in what you want and what you are providing. It’s a radical change from passively waiting to see if you’ll get — or who will provide — what you have been wanting in your relationships.

The reliable Conscious Connecting curriculum produces lasting results, where as partners, you easily refocus your attention and energy on creating what you want in your lives with your partner. You then channel your focus on actually creating your heart’s passions, rather than spending your precious time and energy on analyzing your partner, their problems or what is not working in your life/relationship. You will gain new tools to use, and have powerful revelations as you uncover what your heart has been truly and uniquely longing for in conscious committed relationship.

We invite both couples and singles to attend the course together. After surveying past participants, they overwhelmingly told us that they value the combination in the same workshop. Singles get to see couples work out and heal deep rifts – even the kinds of issues people sometimes divorce over. And the couples remember the single “grass” isn’t greener and then truly appreciate how far they have come in their relationships and what more they want to create together.



If you are single:

Our intention is to help you deeply connect with your Self and your Source, having your heart lead and your mind follow in all your relationships. We offer the power of being in love, from the inside out, with or without a partner. By the end of the weekend, you will have your own heart-felt vows which will alter your dating experience. What would it be like if you were able to connect with an open heart with anyone, at any time? Imagine connecting without agendas, without needing to hyper-manage your reactions or interactions. “Keeping your guard up” is an illusion of protection which keeps you from fully connecting with Self and others.

You will open your heart

and release past grief and barriers to love.


How different would your day-to-day and your dating life be if you were free, open and at peace with the people you encounter on your path? Our program supports you in practicing connecting consciously — right now — before you even speak or exchange any words. From that place of love, connection and ease you will experience the freedom to “dance” as you create relationships that truly make your heart sing!

“I can’t believe what a difference it made to do this course by myself:  I became so clear about where I wanted to come from in my next relationship… Within three months I was in a committed relationship with the man of my dreams.”    – Single woman, Life and Wellness Coach, Yuma AZ  [update 2014: She is now married to that same man happily for several years with a beautiful baby!]


For couples:

The Conscious Connecting work focuses on connecting with your partner — now. Our unique approach will have you open your heart first to resolve any conflicts and reach new levels of closeness and trust. Learn to use your connection and open heart to fully communicate — beyond words — so you feel appreciated and heard. From that place you can more easily resolve any issues and consciously create your life together. It’s the power of being here, now, and connected. It is experiential, and once you experience it, you will always be able to connect to it again. This approach works whether your partner is with you at the weekend or not, because it’s about where you locate yourself and come from in relationship, rather than testing the waters “over there” before attempting to resolve issues or be close.

“I was absolutely stunned by how much my husband enjoyed this weekend!”   – Married woman, Attorney & CFO, Miami FL



About Conscious Connecting:

Our Promise:  You will be madly, deeply in love by Sunday night in group session, or by your 3rd private session.
You will clean out the “dust bunnies” in your relationship.
Your man (or future men) will be irresistibly drawn to you, and interested in what you have to say.
Your woman (or future women) will be settled, relaxed, and even more accepting of you.
Surprisingly super-fun; not a “working weekend,” not “relationship-y.”
You will create simple, heart-felt vows for yourself and your partner that gives you both a reliable, easy, gentle road-map for your future together.
No more late night relationship talks. You each will find a unique way to share your hearts in a process you both enjoy.
Learn and master your unique “Relationship Dance” that will provide lasting peace and enjoyment in your life together.

Please contact us to be notified when our next Conscious Connecting Program is scheduled!


Conscious Connecting for Couples


Having Trouble in your Relationship?

There is hope! We have hosted numerous couples that felt trust and love was irreversibly damaged, and all they knew to do and say had been said and done. Some prefer private sessions as a very effective alternative to, or even addition to, traditional couples counseling. Some participated with others in a small group setting. Every single couple emerged with a renewed relationship, and with the experience of love and closeness that they thought was forever lost.

Our unique approach will have you open your heart first, to resolve your conflict and reach new levels of closeness. The way we usually approach healing relationships is to look for safety through resolving all that is in conflict and  then open our hearts — when it’s safe. We create a safe space and guide you through connecting first, creating an opening from which all follows. It just requires a willingness on your part to return to your love!

  • You will connect from an open-hearted space, past the unending and unwinnable arguments about who is right, who is to blame for the past and how the other person “is.”
  • You will experience deep trust, love and closeness, which you may have previously thought was beyond repair.
  • You will have the tools to reconnect to this space of love and trust long after the weekend is over.

Unlike counseling, you will reset your foundation of trust and communication in just three days!


“I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to take the Conscious Connecting course. My husband and I have been together for ten years and were recently separated. We now have a clean slate to create from. We were given the tools to get complete about ‘stuff’ that had happened in the past that created separateness. I am returned to the love and magnificence of my husband and I’m excited to bring this home to our kids!”

– Married Woman, Tempe AZ

Click here to read more about our participants’ experiences…


Getting married or renewing your vows?

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We have a simple, thorough, reliable process that will have you re-set your relationship foundation, and then capture what you’re really committed and who you promise to be for and with yourselves and each other. You will craft sacred vows in the weekend which you can promise to each other during your later ceremony. This process will give you both a reliable, easy, gentle road-map for your future together, giving you a strong, clear foundation for your future of trust, love and joy. And they’re often “the best vows anyone has ever heard.”


We also offer this profound healing and transformative work in private and semi-private sessions. Click here for more information.


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