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Flora’s Story 

Flora closeupFlora Schule graduated from law school at the age of 23, and practiced as a lawyer for the next 14 years. In 1999, while going through a divorce and making a career transition to include mediation, she discovered the power of conscious connected breathing techniques. She then received her initial training in those modalities following in the pranayama mind-body lineage of Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.

After practicing on many friends and family, in 2001 Flora received her second level Connected Breath Practitioner certification from LifeBreath Integrations, and began offering private connected breath sessions for clients. For the next few years, she facilitated many private breath sessions, guiding hundreds of people through this freeing, uplifting and powerful experience. During this time she was still advising her legal clients in the successful resolution of business, workplace and personal disputes. Flora also received additional significant advanced training in personal transformational coaching as a Designated Seminar Leader for Landmark Education, and continued her private practice and advanced training in mediations, meditation, energy work, and the kinesiology modality of “Body Talk.” She then began to facilitate private group breath and healing sessions, including with re-birthing co-founder Sondra Ray.

Flora then retired from the active practice of law at the end of 2004, leaving a thriving legal practice in order to unify her training and follow her heart. She continued to pursue intensive advanced training and experience in life coaching, spiritual coaching, tantra connecting practices, and leading transformational seminar programs, providing clarity, completion and peace. She was also very successful with her investments in real estate and led prosperity expansion seminars, noticing as she continued her breathwork and clarity coaching, that she was able to de-stress, focus on result-oriented actions and produce expanded financial investment results in the world. By 2009, she was leading “Conscious Connecting” and “Conscious Commitment” relationship workshop intensives.  

In 2010, Flora trademarked her new and evolved healing and coaching process as “Transcendent Healing,” and began offering Transcendent Healing facilitator training intensives, training others to bring healing and transformation to their lives through breath work and other related modalities.

By 2012, Flora became committed to eliminating any areas of even subtle distance or hostility from all her relationships, including from her body and what seemed to be her thriving marriage at the time. She began learning how to also clear personal and relationship energetic baggage from physical homes and office spaces. After several months, several major physical space clearings, and several personal deep retreats into silence, Flora finally uncovered her husband’s covert sexual behaviors. As with all her commitments in life, Flora moved through her own shock, pain and grief using conscious breathing and other clarity and clearing practices, clearing out the energetic remains of all the covert activity from her body, home, parenting and marriage and her body was eventually able to stabilize and go off thyroid medication as her emotions stabilized and other physical issues improved. Her husband also found a sober response to life, grew clearer and stronger, and for the first time in their 14 year relationship history, began personally using the breathwork and other techniques that had worked wonders for Flora and her clients for years. Read Victor’s story here.

Beginning in early 2014, Flora began bringing her new home and office clearing skills to her clients’ physical locations throughout Arizona and other west-coast states, and then learning to be reliably effective thru Skype and Zoom sessions. One of her greatest passions is clearing out any stagnation, unclarity, fear or hopelessness from any bodies, relationships, lives and work areas. It has been her honor to be of service in this way.

Flora became a best-selling author in the 2015 2nd Edition of the popular book Succeeding Through Doubt, Fear and Crisis available here; and her new Kindle single “Awakening Thru Infidelity” is available for purchase here.  All the consulting and guidance support Flora provides is intended for connecting deeper — to your own truth, to your inner wisdom and grace, and to others in a divinely present way that heals past hurts, patterns and even “addictions,” and allows for the experience of whole-hearted connection, abundance, joy and peace.

Flora can be found hosting well-being re-set retreats in North Phoenix and via Skype sessions. She also travels the country teaching and providing clarity and recovery re-sets in relationships, work spaces and for personal growth and awakenings. Flora is committed to using every experience she encounters to help herself and others grow and enliven. Contact her for a year-long whole-life reset opportunity, for private individual or couples re-set sessions, and/or to host or attend a workshop with her.

Flora is a Warrior for Truth!






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