Practitioner Training

Transcendent Healing™ Practitioner Training

Come transform your life and raise your energy body to a new level of consciousness! This journey is a full and complete reset of body, mind, emotions, and spirit, while being trained to facilitate others in doing the same.

Focused on Your Development

During this facilitator training you will be focusing on learning how to facilitate your own deep release and clearing for the first three months, and then the second 3 months you will learn how to hold space for others and facilitate incredible detox healing sessions (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Shifting to an energetic perspective allows for you to expand your power with the nonverbal context of your relationships and life.

Level 1 Completion of Training certificate:

This journey is six weekends long, roughly one per month.  Each weekend will include two complete breath sessions, training in at least 6 different healing modalities, and your own release of past emotional and mind-body blocks and baggage, which is the very thing that will most allow you to hold space for others competently and compassionately. Also included is support in between weekends, both with a group Skype session and an individual private clarity coaching call with Flora in between each training weekend, in order to support you in shifting limiting life patterns and reliably applying what you are discovering in your life and relationships.

20141019_125439The group will be kept small so significant individual attention is received by all.


Level 2 Certification:

70 hours of session facilitation with private clients and review of S.O.A.P. notes by trainer.  Includes phone support, pre- or post- session consultation (and sometimes even support during the first few sessions, if desired and available) and review of all S.O.A.P. notes intermittently with detailed feedback and debriefing.


 IMG_6337Level 3 Certification and  Collaboration:

100 hours of session facilitation with private clients and demonstration that all requirements have been met. You and your life and relationships will be a demonstration of the power of the process. Full support from Flora pre- or post- session. Completion of the third level of training, The Transcendent Healing Practitioner Certification, will enable the Certified Practitioner to work with Breathe Life Now, be listed on this website as a practitioner, and receive personal referrals, including directly from Flora.

The cost for the Level 1 six-month Breath Practitioner completion certificate is $1,450/month, total of $8,700.  Prepayment in full before first weekend discounts tuition to $8,450.  Level 2 support is an additional month’s payment of $1,450.00. There is no upfront fee for Level 3 and all Transcendent Healing sessions with Flora are at a reduced price for life (Clarity support calls with Flora available for additional support and fee).

Note:  Level 2 certification is usually within one year of Level 1 training completion and Level 3 is completed within a time frame set by the trainer and student together. The faster you acquire your hours, the quicker you will move through the requirements.

Next Training Dates:

January 19-21, 2018                        April 20-22, 2018

February 16-18, 2018                      `May 18-20, 2018

March 16-18, 2018                           June 15-17, 2018


Call or email Flora for details and to apply at:




Flora Maria Schule received her initial intensive training in 2000, and her second level certification in early 2001, both from the LifeBreath Institute.  Thereafter, Flora received in-depth spiritual and shamanic training as well as education as a conflict resolutions specialist (mediator) and leader of transformational seminar programs. She officially became a licensed minister and transformation coach, leading corporate and personal seminars for many years to hundreds of participants, and becoming known for a depth of listening and reliability in facilitating in-the-moment transformation shifts. 

Throughout this past 17 years, Flora has been creating and developing her own Transcendent Healing™ process which has integrated and evolved from the many modalities she has studied and mastered. She has a successful and active private practice at her North Phoenix desert retreat center where she has guided hundreds of clients in this sacred healing process. She has also conducted three successful six-month facilitator training intensives since January 2010 and a fourth is scheduled to begin January 2018.

Learn more from previous Practitioner Training graduates:


“The work Flora did with me in my healing breath session was amazing! She provided a safe and loving space for me to open my heart and find those areas where I was holding emotional wounds. It was in the safety of her presence and her expertise in the area of this process that granted me the courage to go where I was reluctant to go alone. This process allowed me to release the hurts from my past and move to an empowered place within myself that gave me access and freedom to once again let my spirit soar and create a future with my heart restored. Thank you Flora for all your love and support.”
       – Leah, Business/Executive Coach, Glendale AZ
“The course is blessing my life in unexpected ways – like finding a new profession/vocation. Who would have thought?”
       – J. S., Mesa, Az

“I always feel loved by Flora. Safe to risk and grow.”
       – Mary, retired, Anthem AZ

“My breath session with Flora was amazing! I’ve never experienced the sensation that I had in any other alternative therapy session. I highly recommend it.”
       – Therese, Minister and Healer, Phoenix AZ

“You have such a gift, and I know you’ve put in lots of work and study to get where you are, too. It was the oddest thing, feeling like I was outside watching the session at times, thinking, ‘who is this person?’, utterly clueless that all that was going on inside. I knew it was important not to put myself in a box of conformity, appropriate/inappropriate, if I were to have a chance to work through things. Two big things I got (though it’s a work in progress). One is that it’s ok. I know I don’t completely get that, but I’m getting it. I put the sticky note on the bathroom mirror right in front of the heart. Don’t feel as much resistance to it as when I put it up Thursday! The other thing is, when I got home, I went to bed, was doing breathing,being aware, then thought ‘I need to get up’ (was on the incline board at this point). Thought I’d check in to see if I really did, or it was avoidance. It was avoidance. So I stayed with it, breathing, and went through the resistance. I’d been aware of the big avoidance stuff, watching a movie as an escape, for instance, but wasn’t familiar with the smaller, more subtle avoidance techniques I used. So there’s much more awareness there now.

So, thank you again, Flora. You have one of the most open hearts of anyone I’ve ever met. Open and generous. It’s touching and beautiful.  Thank you for you.”
       – Jeannie S., Body Worker, Phoenix AZ

“Flora is the most amazing coach I’ve ever encountered. While I wish she was still leading the larger seminars, I’m glad she is leading the smaller intensive courses. The world still gets benefit from her beautiful talent!”
       –– Chris C., Boston MA
“Wow, thanks…. I have to tell you, I have done some work in the past and did alot of counseling through my divorce… and a big difference I notice, which is what makes your work so real and so now, is you are absolutely invested and present… which comes from your energy, not anything you say. I promise you, if I didn’t feel that, I would not have come back for a second session. Just knowing you and that there are people like you gives me hope, and tremendous joy – God… tearing up, here I go again…. it’s good to be happy!”
       – Tim S., Business Owner, Phoenix AZ
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